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Advertisements in email

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You folk keep sending me advertisements in my email about TI 2013 add on pack or whatever, your main if only selling point on this is that it can clone disks. I thought that's what I already paid for with TI 2013, if I'm wrong please tell me now. If not stop with the advertising.

Can it clone better with the add on pack? Either it clones or it doesn't. So my direct question, does my version of TI 2013 clone properly or not or is this an upsell perhaps from indians?

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Only one thread is required for you to voice this particular question.

Did you check out on the Acronis website what the Plus Pack does? I haven't seen the email you are receiving and I'm sure you realise that you are able to clone without the PP, in fact the PP for 2013 has nothing to do with cloning.

I agree the webpage doesn't give you as much information as it perhaps could

In a nutshell the two main things is it allows you to recover and image Dynamic Disks, and to inject drivers into an image being recovered if you have to recover the image to a brand new machine with different hardware than the one you used to make the image.

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You can also opt out (unsubscribe) of the emails from your Acronis account, and from within the emails themselves.