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hidden folders on cloud backup

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Need to recover files from a  hidden folder c:\programdata in a Acronis Cloud Backup. Do not see this folder under the file option for recovery inside the Acronis App while attached to the backup on the cloud. See user windows etc folders. I have the view on the explorer set to show hidden folders.



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I had some difficulty working out what was going on. When I look at cloud backup, that directory is no listed under drive C. Same happens with a local backup. Then I checked settings, and it appears that I had not "activated" show hidden files in my Windows 10 settings. [I use Directory Opus as my file manager, and it was configured to show them.] Once I did this everything was OK. To have hidden files displayed, Open Settings, select "Update and Security" then select "For Developers", which under "File Explorer" has the option to show system and hidden files.