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What in the world has happened to the forum?

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I use the TI 2017 forum. When I visited this morning, I see that the layout has been changed significantly, and to my tastes, not for the better. There's now a tremendous amount of blank, wasted space in the listings. Since I usually access the forum on my tablet, this actually matters. Also, what's it mean to start a "story?" 

Worst part though is that all the "sticky" posts for important topics of general, long term interest, are gone.

What's that all about?

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The Private Messages are also gone and links to users now show a different user than before. The search does not seem to function so I can't find an article where the person posted something to get to the user profile. I would appreciate a fix of some sort, at least a working search would be cool.

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Whoever made this change must have been drunk, far fewer posts on the one page and arcane method for attaching files.

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My apologies for sending you a test message. I read your post to say, 'the ability to send PMs was no more', but I now realise you meant the pre-existing PMs have gone from our accounts.

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There are numerous problems with the new forums that Acronis have introduced very recently and these are being reported back to them in detail by the MVPs and we hope that changes to resolve these issues will be made as soon as possible!

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This new format is as disappointing to me as the difference between old (v10, v11) and current ATI GUIs (to the point that I ditched ATI installation and use only the bootable job but that's OT in this post)

I can hardly read thin light grey and light blue letters on white.

I can only see about 6 thread titles on the screen with all that wasted blank space.

I cannot find a way to find my own posts.

And I cannot find many pinned topics that existed previously. Looks like only 2-3 remain.

WHAT, in heavens name, WAS WRONG with the PREVIOUS FORMAT ????????

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Acronis have been alerted to the forum colouring especially in relation to those who have poor site or colour blindness. It has been passed on  to their web team.