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Acronis DriveCleanser

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Acronis DriveCleanser ability to wipe encrypted password protected drives. When using Acronis DriveCleanser on a Kingston DataTraveler Thumb drive. I get an error "Failed to read from sector 168,689,650 of the hard disk 2. First this is only an 8GB drive, but shows up as multiple partitions, It's almost like it's reading a larger TB drive that I have used on the computer previously. To get past the initial hang up I hit ignore all. On the data selection screen I am presented with the drive showing 7.488GB with 5 partitions 1 unallocated 7.484GB, 2 other partitions showing 923.2GB (???) 1 showing 544.3GB and 1 showing 27MB all showing as primary. Selecting the drive icon itself of course marks all partitions for deletion. I select Format and US Standard DoD 5220.22-M for my desired wiping specs. When I hit proceed and OK it just sits there and usually gives me some outlandish finish time of 3 days. I have allowed it to run for as much as 3 hours (with only 3MB of information on it) only to find out it doesn't delete anything from the drive. Only using Windows Computer Management to reformat the drive does anyting to the data.

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Is this a stand alone version of Drive Cleanser or part of True Image? What build?