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I have two computers and I purchased a separate Acronis True Image subscription for each of them.  I had no problem registering the first subscription, but the second one fails to registers when I enter the serial number. I contacted Acronis support and the response was that an Acronis account cannot have more than one True Image subscription; a separate account with an individual (different) email address is required for each subscription.  Does anyone know if that is really correct?  If I have five computers and five subscriptions I have to have five distinct email addresses????  Unreal!

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You have got yourself into a bit of a mess. At one time you could register multiple subscriptions to the one account without issue, but now it is more difficult if not impossible. The way you do it is to upgrade and existing subscription to add the additional "licences"; either a 3 or 5 user licence. [Not sure how it works if you have a non-subscription version.]

I suggest you contact the forum administrator Ekaterina Surkova via PM and explain you situation. She has helped many users solve licencing related problems.


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Hello Everyone,

I can confirm that there are some limitations in regards to the license management.

When using Acronis True Image, it's possible to upgrade from 1 computer to 3 or 5 computers, or from 3 computers to 5 computers, e.g. only within the existing license tiers and only to a higher tier. 

For example, to register an Advanced subscription for 1 Computer, 250GB on the account having already a Premium subscription for 1 Computer, 1TB registered, the only option in the user's account will be to renew the Premium subscription (reducing its expiration date proportionally).

The same rule applies to the keys of the same tier: if you already have Acronis True Image subscription for 1 PC and buy another Acronis True Image subscription for 1 PC, you'll be offered to move the new subscription to another account or to extend the duration of the existing license, as we don't have Acronis True Image for 2 or 4 PCs. 

Another limitation would be for the number of protected devices under a single account. You cannot have Acronis True Image licenses for more than 5 computers in one account. 

Example: you have Acronis True Image Subscription 5 Computer Advanced and buy another subscription for 5 PC. A new subscription can be used either to extend the number for protected devices or to prolong the duration of the subscription service. But due to the limitation for the number of machines under a single account, it would be only possible to prolong the time. Another option would be moving the second subscription to another account. Thus you'll be able to protect 10 machines.