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Nice Forum! :) But register option should be made clear.

Thread needs solution
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Hi Guys

I've been a member over at wilders and have had few discussons about our acronis group of products w/ other members and staff. It was a pleasure always.

It's great to see your own forum now! although the signup page was a bit hard to find.. I landed straight onto your forums section but could't find the REGISTER/CREATE ACCOUNT option for a long time.. even when i try to login using my wilders' ID (i thought this was the trick), and get a failed login message, the option to create an account was still not i thought maybe this forum has closed registrations for now.. so i left.. wasn't till about a few days after when i landed on your website's SUPPORT PAGE and found a login / create account option that i realized maybe people were supposed to register under your support area. (then ofcourse later i realized i had an account w/ acronis support already haha)

So yeah i think the signup/register options should be made clearer on these forum pages coz it's been a norm to have the register option on the pages of the forum, specially by the LOGIN option, or during WRONG PASSWORD messages..

Just trying to be helpful! :)


What forum software are you using guys? this is neat, and simple


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I agree with you. It was very difficult to register here.