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true image 2014 renew question

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i got a trial copy of this with a new external WD my book 3TB HD and i like it so well i payed to make it a full copy before the trial has even ended here and assume thats for a year, anyway Ive got an e-mail:
"It’s almost the New Year! Just to remind you: through December 31, an additional license of Acronis True Image 2014 is only $9.99!"

so if i sign up for another one will it add another year to what Ive already signed up for? if it does ill take it this program is worth it.

TY and happy new year
Chris H

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Are you referring to the cloud subscription? I would think it just gets attached to your current subscription, as subscriptions go by email addresses - that is by account. Certainly if you used a different email address (new account) to register it you would end up with a subscription beginning on that date, however they would be two separate subscriptions.

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it comes with 5GB of free Cloud Storage for one year. well ill take the deal and see what domes up.

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