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"unknown server type", "instances list is empty", and inability to sign on to esxi host from vmprotect 8

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Out of the blue my mature vmprotect 8 8184 has had catastrophic failure. I think it may be related to its inability to sign on to the esxi host although it had been doing so for many years and I can sign on the esxi host via both ssh and vSphere. There are multiple issues:

a corrupted vmx file from one of my vmware images that I suspect happened during a backup

all backup histories disappeared

inability to sign onto esxi host from vmprotect using 2 different logon accounts

log files and vmProtect drectory from /var/lib included which mentions Instances list is empty message. This was an error that had happened to prior versions of vmProtect 8 but was supposedly fixed in 8184 which I have been using for several years.

I need to get access to my backups so that I can repair the vmx file corruption, after that I could rebuild the backups if necessary.


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The symptoms look like appliance local disks have been overfilled (with logs generated during appliance lifetime) which corrupted the configuration data under /etc/Acronis/vmProtect.config - it might've became truncated and this results in inability to read the virtual infrastructure, i.e. connect to vSphere to get the list of VMs. The backups which are located on locally attached storage should still be good and valid for recovery. A quick solution would be to deploy a new appliance and attach the existing virtual disk which contains the backups to it in order to have a fresh start. It makes sense to detach this disk from the old appliance (detach but do _not_ remove from datastore) beforehand. If you're still unable to access your backups then you should contact our support team for assistance (we handle data recovery cases regardless of support contract status, even if it's expired).

Thank you.

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Thanks, creating a new vmprotect 8 and using the formers storage worked. Everything looks good so far.