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Archive is corrupted error

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We have been running backups successfully to an archive when they started failing with an archive is corrupted error. We have created a new archive for backups but are trying to see if any data in the old archive is usable, however all restore attempts fail with the following error. Is there anything we can do to recover data from this archive?

Thanks, Jo

Error code: 32
Module: 7
LineInfo: f5f8cbcf76155663
Message: Failed to perform the operation with archive 'avfs:/smb?//nas**/Archive_Other.TIB'. Error: 'The archive is corrupted.'.

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In case of archive corruption the only possible way to investigate such problems is to send the archive to us through our support team, so that our developers could check whether anything can be restored from it. Recovery success chances depends on type of corruption.

Thank you.