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Replacing a good PC with a newer, better one

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I want to replace my current PC with a newer one.  I have good backups of the old one, using True Image 2018.  What do I need to do to put everything from my old PC onto the new one?  Same OS. Thanks!

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Hello Dale, 

thank you for your posting! I'd suggest starting with instructions provided in

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Dale, there is quite a lot more to migrating from old hardware to new besides just having the same OS.

Both the Windows OS version and edition need to be the same, i.e. both Windows 10 Home or else licensing can be an issue after migration.

The type of disk drives being used should be the same or similar, i.e. both SATA drives or else additional device drivers may need to be installed during the migration process.

The way both computers boot into Windows should be the same, i.e. both Legacy, or else the old computer Legacy and the new one UEFI, where there will need to be a migration of the old OS from the one to the other.

If your old computer has previously been upgraded from an older version of Windows, and the new computer will come with a clean install of Windows 10, then it would be recommended to keep the clean install and reinstall your applications on that base, rather than carrying forward all the extra issues that upgrading can bring, including old device drivers for hardware no longer present in the new machine.