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Mac Book Pro Laptops Fails to back up on Acronis Cloud

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I have three macbook pros using Acronis 2020, and all sofware is up to date. One macbook backs up just fine. The other two after repeated calls to support stops backing up after one backup. These computer are open for a significant time each day. I have tried leaving the lids open which seems to work now and then. What is the issue.

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Hello Alex,

welcome to Acronis forums! Any chance, two macbooks in question have different Wi-Fi networks preferences? See

When the networks are selected and your computer loses a connection to any of them, all current backups are paused and scheduled backups will not start.

If this is not the case, I'd start troubleshooting with the steps outlined in

Should the issue still reproduce, please raise a support ticket for investigation. Let me know the ticket ID, so that I can follow the investigation process.

Thank you!