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restore only one of 3 hard drives with acronis 2017.

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I have a windows 10 computer with one ssd hard drive as my C: drive and two additional hard drives which I use to backup different things.  I accidentally deleted my f: drive and wonder what to do now.  I have a full backup of my computer with acronis 2017 but only need to recover the data on my f: drive with programs like quicken and i tunes media files.  Is there a way to only recover the info on the f: drive and not the whole computer which still works fine?  If need be, I can reinstall my complete backup on the entire computer but is there an easier way? When I did my complete backup, did it backup all the drives as well?  I am pulling out what's left of my hair for a solution.  I contacted acronis but have not received any support as yet.  Hopefully this forum can be a help.

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Jeffrey, you can recover just the one disk from your 'Entire PC' backup image, you just need to exercise care when doing so to ensure that you are recovering to the correct target drive so as to not overwrite other data. 

If you do the recovery using the Acronis Rescue Media, you have the option of removing or disconnecting any other drives while doing the recovery to ensure only the correct drive is being recovered.