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Acronis True Image 2021 is released!

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I will also do a downgrade to True Image 2020.

2021 is not good at all. At least we should have the option to install the security features

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Acronis True Image 2021
Purchased 3 perpetual licenses on December 27, 2020

Build 35860 December 22, 2020
#1 Computers would not stay asleep. Sceduler2 seemed to be causing this. Customer support found no solution after many tries.
#2 ATI 2021 was slow to start up. Also navigation in the menus was slow.

Build 39184 March 11, 2021
This build resolved Issues #1. The computers now sleep normally.

Build 39216 March 30, 2021
This build resolved Issues #2. ATI 2021 now starts up a lot faster. Also, the navigation in the menus is much faster.

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Karl Wolf wrote:

Hi all,

all I can say is that I have removed every piece of this terrible software and replaced with others.

In former times this happened only in the opposite way.

So for me as a long-time customer this is definitely the end with acronis products.

Have a nice evening



With you here been a Acronis user since before 2010 and now the whole system is taking over, why should a backup system be running sneaky services and applications in the background if they are turned off or not wanted. Acronis was a fantastic backup system. Cyber security and defender is nothing but a data collection tool. If its not on why is it still working in the background?