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How to create a WIM of the Master Image Creation Tool?

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Is it possible to add the master image creation tool to a WDS server? 

Essentially I don't want to use the PXE server function of Snap Deploy.

The software has a tool to create a WIM of the bootable deployment agent, but I couldn't see any info about creating a WIM for the Master image creation one. 

Not a big deal as master image creation would not be used as often as the deployment agent, just would be nice so I can add it all to my WDS. 


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Hello MichaelOCE35,

in Acronis Snap Deploy 6 you can create the master image in either of these ways:

  • In Windows, by using Management Agent installed on the master machine. This type of imaging is called online imaging.
  • By using a bootable media (either Acronis media or WinPE-based media) with Master Image Creator, or by using the command-line utility in a WinPE-based bootable media. This type of imaging is called offline imaging.

 Please take a look at the referenced links and let me know if you have any questions.