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Sharing a windows 2012R2 Shared folder with Acronis Access

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One of my customers wants to have all the data from a shared folder on the fileserver synced to several MacBook Pro's.

I installed on the fileserver the acronis access desktop client and selected the folder which had to be shared as the acronis access Folder.

The first sync to the repository went fine, but after sharing this with another user and syncing everything to his desktop something went wrong.

For one reason or another there was an error in the syncing and allmost all of the data vanished from the server folder. I was lucky to have a backup.


Is this the only way of providing data offline or is my setup wrong/bad?


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Hi, thanks for the message and thanks for testing Acronis Access Advanced.

We don't usually recommend that the desktop sync client is installed on a server. For the use case you are describing, there is a more direct option that will probably work better for you. Acronis Access Advanced can give direct access to file shares through its "Mobile Access" feature, without having to duplicate any data into the Sync & Share file repository.

In the "Mobile Access -> Data Sources" section of the admin console, choose to "Add Folder". Enter a display name for the folder. If the file share is on your Access server, you'll use the Data Location = "On the Gateway Server" option and enter the path on disk (Example: E:\file share\project ) to the folder in the "Path" field. Then, you'll need to add the AD users or groups that you want to be able to access this folder using Acronis Access to the "Assign this folder to a user or group" section. This will cause the folder to appear when they use Acronis Access from the web or mobile client apps. Save this new folder.

In the "Mobile Access -> Policies" section of the admin console, go to the user or group policy/policies that apply to your users, select the "Server Policy" tab, and make sure the "Allow File Server, NAS and SharePoint Access From the Web Client" option, and the two options nested under it, are enabled. These should be on by default if you have recently installed the server and not altered these settings.

Once this is done, your users should see the new file share folder in the Network section when they log into the Acronis Access web client. If they click the "Network" item in the main left menu, they will be able to select the whole file share folder to sync to their desktop client.

By using this method, data will not be duplicated and things should run well. Keep in mind though that if a user deletes items from a 2-way synced folder, they will be deleted from the file share, so making sure you have volume shadow copies or backups of the file share is highly recommended.

If you have additional questions, you can open up a support case at any time on this page:

Best regards,