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Acronis MMS.exe crashes stopping the MMS service

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All of a sudden, all of my backup agents have started going offline for seemingly no reason. This started happening out of nowhere at the end of last week. I have a couple different versions (ie versions of agent is different between machines because they haven't been updated yet (just one version back)). 

Both versions are being affected by this so I don't think it's a specific update version problem. 

I have found that the mms.exe is crashing which I'd assume also what is causing the service to stop.

As to why it's crashing, I just don't know. I can't find any specific information for this issue. I'd like to try and fix it without having to re-install the agents if at all possible. 


Thanks in advance,

Robert Lounsberry

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Hello Robert,

Thank you for your posting! All crashes require more indepth investigation, which is unfortunately not possible on forum. I see, that you've already submitted a support ticket. Our engineers will help you to resolve this issue.

Thank you,