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chipset driver, doing universal restore

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This is in reference to my previous post today.

I am trying to find an *.inf file for the motherboard in Windows 10, that I want to restore to, but can only find an Intel chipset family controller file, msisadrv.sys.

What about machine.inf which is in the same Repository File folder as the msisadrv.sys?

Should I add machine.inf to my folder of *.inf files for Universal Restore?


Ralph Nielsen

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Hello Ralph,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

Please prepare a folder with all .inf, .sys and .oem drivers for new hardware (especially disks and chipsets) and make sure that this folder is accessible from Acronis Bootable Media. There is no need to sort these drivers to different folders.

As I have already recommended in the neighbor forum thread, please consult the Preparation part of the respective KB article for detailed instructions: