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Thread needs solution
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How do I just view logs in 12?  I don't want to download a .zip file of the backup log, I just want to see why the 24GB or so I've told Acronis to backup isn't backing up.  It's flat out stupid to have to download a zip file and have to extract it to view it.

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Have a look in "Activities" on left sidebar. All backup tasks are listed here giving the completed status. To view details open a activity and select the desired subitem on the right sidebar.

If you need more information click on "Details". It shows the same info as found in the downloaded (and zipped) logfile.

Attached a screenshot (sorry for messages in german).

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Thank you.  Perhaps "Details" isnt' the right word.  Perhaps "View Logs" would be the right term.  Now that I can see them, when exactly does Acronis plan to actually document real problems?  I see this more than anything else making the "Support" button useless at best:

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