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Acronis Agent synchronization

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I have a question regarding Agent synchronization interval - at the moment, each Agent is communicating with our Acronis server every two minutes and we are worried that it might cause some performance issues, after more agents gets installed (hundreds more).

Registry keys which seems to be "responsible" for this synchronization (Period and PeriodHigh in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\AMS\Configuration\Centralized\Synchronization\ ) don't work or I'm doing something wrong.

I have changed period to 600 seconds and restarted all Acronis services on the Acronis server, but nothing has changed. Every client is still syncing in 2 minutes intervals.

Any tips what to do?


Thank you.



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Hi Brose,

If you changed Period from 120 to 600 seconds, then Period High should also be changed respectively from 15 to 75 seconds. Please restart AMS after applying these changes and see if this works. If it still does not help, please contact Acronis Support Team