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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3 is available (including vSphere 6.7 support)

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Dear Acronis Community,

we're happy to announce that Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3 has been released.

Build number: 10130

All installers and documentation are available here:

What's new in Update 3

New features available in all on-premise deployments


•    The Multi-volume snapshot backup option is available when backing up Linux.
•    The data output speed can be specified as a percentage, in addition to kilobytes per second.
•    The "File-level security" backup option is discontinued. The NTFS permissions for files are always saved in file-level backups.
•    Automatic troubleshooting of VSS-related issues:

o    When backing up disks or volumes with Agent for Windows

After taking a VSS-based snapshot fails, before retrying, Acronis Backup analyzes the log and performs troubleshooting steps, if appropriate. If three consecutive retries fail, the error message recommends to download and use Acronis VSS Doctor.

o    When backing up Microsoft SQL Server databases

Prior to taking a snapshot, Acronis Backup checks the SQL Server configuration for issues that may cause a VSS snapshot failure. If issues are found, a warning with recommendations is added to the log.


The new recovery option Boot mode determines the boot mode (BIOS or UEFI) for the Windows system being recovered.


New system settings are available to organization administrators:
•    Log out users after a configurable period of inactivity
•    Show notification about the last login of the current user
•    Warn about local or domain password expiration


Starting with Microsoft Exchange 2010, Exchange Server data can be backed up and recovered by using a less-privileged account than a member of the Organization Management role group:
•    For databases, membership in the Server Management role group is enough.
•    For mailboxes, membership in the Recipient Management role group and the enabled ApplicationImpersonation role are enough.


•    Support for VMware vSphere 6.7 (ESXi configuration backup is not supported)
•    Recovery to the original virtual machine from a backup that contains not all disks of this machine.

Previously, this operation was possible only under bootable media. The backup console allowed the recovery only if the machine's disk layout exactly matched that in the backup.

Acronis Backup appliance

•    The 15-second timeout is removed from the Acronis Backup appliance installation menu. The installer waits for the user to review and confirm the settings.
•    The CentOS kernel is updated in the Acronis Backup appliance, to address the Meltdown and Spectre threats.

Bootable media

It is possible to use any supported keyboard layout when working under bootable media. The set of layouts is defined in the LAYOUT kernel parameter.

Support for new operating systems

•    Linux kernel versions 4.12 - 4.15
•    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5
•    Ubuntu 17.10, 18.04
•    Debian 9.3, 9.4
•    Oracle Linux 7.4, 7.5

New features available with the Advanced licenses only


The capability to configure a backup plan to use specific tape devices and tape drives.


Application-aware backup of Linux machines running Oracle Database.

The capability to create dynamic groups corresponding to Active Directory organizational units.

Issues fixed in build 10130

Installation and upgrade

•    [ABR-158404] Remote agent installation fails if the credentials for the target machine are specified in the "IP\username" format.
•    [ABR-156822] The management server installation does not show any errors if the default 9877 port is already used by a third-party service on the machine.
•    [ABR-156718] The management server installation on machine with "Ь" symbol in the hostname hangs on 99%.
•    [ABR-155518] The management server crashes when installed on system if the hostname contains non-standard symbols (for example Chinese hieroglyphs).
•    [ABR-152904] Remote update of agents on machines forcibly installs the Backup Monitor component even if it was not installed before.
•    [ABR-150690] The "Show details" link in the backup email notifications points to a wrong management server address after updating Acronis Backup 12.5 from build 3869 or 7970.
•    [ABR-150293] Windows Registry should be used to resolve the SID of the "Acronis Centralized Admin" Group instead of WMI calls during installation (remove dependency on WMI).
•    [ABR-137669] The management server installed on CentOS 7 produces "Error 0x64ffff: Another instance of this application is already started." every minute in /var/log/messages.
•    [ABR-163794] Files/folders backup plan that uses the [All Files] policy rule fails when applied to multiple machines.
•    [ABR-163233] UEFI system recovered to a machine with UEFI Legacy mode (e.g. BIOS mode) enabled fails to boot with the "NTLDR is missing" error.
•    [ABR-162985] Test email notifications cannot be sent if the SMTP server does not respond within the 5 seconds time out (for example if the management server is located behind a firewall).
•    [ABR-161579] Empty .zip package is downloaded when recovering folders that contain the "&" symbol in their names.
•    [ABR-160870] Adding 20+ new backups into an existing backup replication plan causes the web console UI to fail (infinite loading).
•    [ABR-160804] Acronis License Server service consumes ~10% of CPU unexpectedly.
•    [ABR-160344] Recovery of files/folders prompts for user interaction in some cases when the "Silent mode" option is enabled.
•    [ABR-158297] Refreshing recovery points fails if the agent which performs the operation is managing more than 1000 devices. Example of such agent is Agent for VMware connected to vSphere with huge amount (1000+) of virtual networks.
•    [ABR-157146] Linux-based bootable media crashes when booting on a system with a specific 4TB+ external USB drive connected (example of USB drive model: Seagate SRD00F2).
•    [ABR-156866] Sorting devices by name in the Devices list is performed separately for names starting with the same letter in upper and lower case.
•    [ABR-156469] Copying files from the root folder of the archive while exploring it via Windows Explorer (double-click) causes the "No such interface supported" error.
•    [ABR-155614] In some cases, disk/volume recovery fails with the "Cannot copy the disk" error if the source empty disk is larger than the target disk.
•    [ABR-155192] The "Universal" licenses cannot be synced between the Acronis account and the management server.
•    [ABR-153669] Files/folders backup of huge amount of files with the Version 12 backup format may hang when applying retention rules.
•    [ABR-151106] The EN-GB keyboard layout is not available in Acronis Backup bootable media environment.
•    [ABR-151077] Acronis system information files (/var/lib/Acronis/sysinfo_***) can be opened by unprivileged user, while it should not be possible.
•    [ABR-150772] Backup plan creation fails with "Fail to obtain the lock on resource" in case there are more than 3000 machines registered on the management server.
•    [ABR-150601] Renaming a backup plan while editing it from the Plans tab causes the plan to be saved (should stay in editing mode).
•    [ABR-150370] Email notifications about successful backups are not sent if the "Activity not responding" alert was triggered during the plan execution.
•    [ABR-150048] The Apply LVM/RAID option is not available in bootable media environment during Linux disks/volumes recovery.
•    [ABR-150024] The 'service_process' service crashes on CentOS 7.4 in some cases when the backup to a network share is performed using the Version 12 backup format.
•    [ABR-149815] Backup using the Version 12 backup format fails if the backup chain contains incomplete (for example canceled) incremental or differential backups.
•    [ABR-148911] Acronis services may crash when installed on a Linux system with connected "EMCpower" multipath devices.
•    [ABR-148636] Agent appears as offline in the backup console if it is behind a proxy and the connection to the proxy server was temporarily lost.
•    [ABR-148390] Incorrect "Backup status unknown" or "Agent being offline at scheduled time" alerts may be shown in some cases.
•    [ABR-147976] Backup plan which uses "On the system shutdown" schedule condition (by event) starts the backup even if the system is rebooted.
•    [ABR-147814] NTFS permissions are not restored when restoring files from disk/volume backup.
•    [ABR-143797] Files/folders backup to the cloud storage fails with "The specified file does not exist" if the first backup was not completed (failed or canceled).
•    [ABR-143678] Files/folders backup to the cloud storage may fail with "Internal error in library. The linked position is unknown." error.
•    [ABR-142667] There is no "DNS suffix" option in the network configuration settings while creating a bootable media via Acronis Media Builder.
•    [ABR-140753] Dashboard loads for more than 30 seconds in the web console interface if the are more than 4000 machines registered on the management server.
•    [ABR-140143] Backup plan does not start on schedule when the start by "The backup location's host is available" event option is enabled.
•    [ABR-139362] LUKS-encrypted LVM volumes are not backed up during the "Entire Machine" (disk/volume) backup.
•    [ABR-130696] The "Files filters" option is not applied to Windows dynamic volumes.
•    [ABR-129608] If a backup location was renamed then its name reverts to original after a backup to this location is performed.
•    [ABR-117591] Full backup is always created on the first day of each month ignoring the "Weekly full, daily incremental" scheme settings.
•    [ABR-108939] Removal of a Hyper-V host from the management server (by deleting Agent for Hyper-V) does not release a previously consumed Virtual Host license.

Roles and units management

•    [ABR-158129] The email address of the administrator account is not shown in the web console after the management server is restarted.
•    [ABR-156349] Login to the web console as an administrator fails when there are more than 8 units created in "Organization".
Acronis Storage Node, Acronis Storage and data catalog
•    [ABR-164419] ManagementServer.exe, zmqgw.exe and StorageServer.exe may crash after backing up a disk with 10 000 000+ files due to extensive cataloging activities.
•    [ABR-155526] Exporting a backup with the Version 12 backup format from a managed location via "acrocmd export archive" fails with "The archive is invalid or its type is unsupported." error.
•    [ABR-148374] When Acronis Storage Node was upgraded from 11.7 and a new managed location is created on a network share, the credentials for it are stored in plain text within Acronis sqlite database files. The issue is not reproduced on clean installation.
•    [ABR-146991] Backup to a location on Acronis Storage fails with "Failed to access the backups" if Acronis Storage along with the backup agent was re-registered on different management server.
•    [ABR-135390] Full backups appear as "incremental" ones while browsing the backups in a managed location for a backup with the Version 12 backup format after retention rules were applied.
•    [ABR-105287] Replication of files/folders backups between two managed locations based on network shares is slower than expected.
•    [ABR-163751] In some cases deletion (unmounting) of a virtual machine running from a backup causes the "Cannot perform this operation with virtual machine '[Machine_name]' twice." alerts to appear every hour.
•    [ABR-157608] The sqlite database grows too fast on the agent which manages a huge virtual environment. Example of such agent is Agent for VMware connected to vSphere with huge amount (1000+) of virtual networks.
•    [ABR-152647, ABR-160088] The "Files filters" backup option does not work properly when backup is performed by Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) and the full path to excluded/included folders is used without a trailing backslash (for example "C:\share").
•    [ABR-152472] The list of Agents for VMware (virtual appliances or Windows agents) available for VM binding may become empty in highly loaded environments.
•    [ABR-152008] VM recovery on Hyper-V 2016 successfully completes with "Failed to add resource to virtual machine" false warning in some cases.
•    [ABR-150456] Hyper-V VM restored from backup of Windows 10/Windows 2012R2 (EFI) physical machine does not boot with the "NTLDR is missing" error.
•    [ABR-144733] All policy rules, except for "[Disk #]", do not work for agentless backup of Linux VMs.
•    [ABR-143835] A lot of "Reconfigure virtual machine" events are present in vSphere while backing up VMs which contain disks with empty NT signature. Example: AltLinux VMs.
•    [ABR-141843] Recovery from a backup of a physical EFI CentOS 7 machine into a Gen2 Hyper-V VM via bootable media produces an unbootable system.
•    [ABR-133681] A backup of an ESXi virtual machine fails if all of the following conditions are met: the backup is performed by Agent for VMware (Windows), the agent is installed in a non-English Windows, and Acronis Managed Machine Service is running under a system account whose name is localized. The following error appears: "You do not have access rights to this file."
•    [ABR-132587] Backup of a vCenter appliance VM fails with a vCenter connection error when the backup is performed by Agent for VMware connected to this vCenter.
•    [ABR-98984] VM backup or replication fails with "GXT: The item provider has skipped the report of an item with key '('995E4B11-5745-1C78-7F1A-B9CD7C9001BE','mms::vm::datastore')'" error when the VM hard disk or a connected ISO image is located on an inactive datastore. This error causes backup failure for all VMs included into backup plan, not only for affected one.

Tape management

•    [ABR-150743] "Acronis" managed location on tape appears after the update from Acronis Backup 11.7 and cannot be deleted.
•    [ABR-148839] Backup to a standalone tape with the "Eject tapes after each successful backup of each machine" option enabled fails when the tape reaches full capacity. It should prompt to install a new tape instead.
•    [ABR-147449] The "Enable file recovery from disk backups stored on tapes" option is ignored and always enabled which causes tape location folder (which contains index of the files) to grow too fast.
•    [ABR-130411] The "Eject tapes after each successful backup of each machine" option state is not saved in default backup options.

Application support

•    [ABR-164665] Simultaneous backup of multiple Office 365 mailboxes may randomly fail with "URI is empty" error.
•    [ABR-162461] Exchange Mailbox backup cannot be enabled when Acronis Backup is installed as "All-In-One" appliance.
•    [ABR-150271] Backup of some Office 365 mailboxes fails with ".NET exception 'System.InvalidOperationException' has occurred: There is an error in XML document (1, 6998365)" error.
•    [ABR-146976] Service_process.exe occasionally crashes on applying retention rules if the SQL database backup contains more than 60 recovery points.
•    [ABR-144148] Recovery and Validation activities fail with the "Failed to resolve item 'Session/Server/' by its reference." error for SQL database backups saved to Acronis Cloud after retention rules are applied.

Full release notes are available here: English, Japanese

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