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Device registration error

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Hi members,


My problem is that there are two computers that have 2 different mac addresses, different ip addresses.
Then we call them 2925 and 3645.

If I register one, the other disappears. So if I register 2945 machine and then i register 3645,  then 2945 disappears from the device list. And vice versa. 
They change their location in the device list and swap the license key. Both are always using the same.

I've tried to delete the key that they are replacing.But it wasn't good. Then another key was used by both of them.

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Hello Karoly,

thank you for posting.

In some cases (e.g. when one machine was cloned or restored from another one) both machines could have the same MMSCurrentMachineID which is used for registering them on Management Server.

Please follow instructions from the Solution part of this KB article in order to change the IDs (please do not be confused since this article describes another issue with an equal solution).  

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Hello Maria,


Thanks for the answer. That was the solution.