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Exchange Backup Fail with "Exchange VSS Writers" Error!!!

Thread needs solution
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2 different networks with the same Error.

"Nachricht: Ein generischer Fehler des Microsoft Exchange Backupers."

1st Network MS Windows Server 2012R2 with Exchange 2010 SP3RU16 (2 Database with 700 GB and 300 GB) Acronis 11.7

2nd Network MS Windows Server2012R2 with Exchange 2013 (exchangeDB ca. 50GB) 11.5

in the cmd "vssadmin list writers"

Lists no Exchange, IIS etc. Writers. 

Server Restart solved the problem. The Backup starts and at 99% (or so) failed with vss Error and the vss writers are no longer there.

The vss error appears during backup.

It is currently not possible to perform Exchange backups!

Exchange Database Offline Backup is not a solution

Error Code:

Validieren der Konfiguration von Microsoft Exchange Server VSS Writer ist fehlgeschlagen.
Zusätzliche Info:
Fehlercode: 2225
Module: 91
Zeileninfo: b0b0ccf50b7d1f6b
Felder:  $module : arx_agent_fork_vs_43916
Nachricht: Validieren der Konfiguration von Microsoft Exchange Server VSS Writer ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 2210
Module: 91
Zeileninfo: b0b0ccf50b7d1f64
Felder:  IsReturnCode : 1, $module : arx_agent_fork_vs_43916
Nachricht: Der Exchange VSS Writer befindet sich in einem ungültigen Stadium.
Fehlercode: 385
Module: 91
Zeileninfo: bb2466ea9dbe8952
Felder:  $module : db_backup_provider_64_vsa64_43916
Nachricht: VSS Writer 'Microsoft Exchange Replica Writer' wurde nicht gefunden.



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Hello Dirk,

Welcome to Acronis user forums! According to the error message, it's not possible to gather information about MS Exchange databases as the corresponding vss writers are disabled\malfunctioning. If vssadmin list writers returns no Exchange Writers, I'd recommend checking the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem\  Find DWORD: Disable Exchange Writer and check its value. 1 means that Exchange Writer is disabled on this system. Here you'll find more information:

If you made sure Exchange Writer is enabled, but the issue still persists, check Windows Event logs. We're interested in System and Application tabs.  Are there any VSS related entries (warnings or errors)? Search for solution in Microsoft Support articles, for example see this Microsoft TechNet Article.

Thank you,