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Unnatended msi installation file : How to register Agent with an IP and a Token ?

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I've uploaded an image

With my cloud account I generate a Token

Then while creating a msi I must provide with this Token and a server name or IP.

Where can I find this IP ? How do I add this new server to my cloud account ?

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Hello Victor,

my understanding is that the registration code already contains information about your management server. According to the userguide you should do one of the following (valid for Cloud deployment, when the Acronis Management Server is located in one of the Acronis data centers):

  • Click Register the machine. In the opened browser window, sign in to the backup console, review the registration details, and then click Confirm registration.
  • Click Show registration info. The setup program shows the registration link and the registration code. You can copy them and perform the registration steps on a different machine. In this case, you will need to enter the registration code in the registration form. The registration code is valid for one hour.

Alternatively, you can access the registration form by clicking All devices > Add, scrolling down to Registration via code, and then clicking Register.