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ESXi configuration backup copy fails

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We have 2 ESXi 6.0 hosts and have configured a ESXi configuration backup task in the latest build of Acronis backup for VMware for the both of them. The normal backup runs fine, however the copy to a second location always fails for both machines.

We use the same target location for the second copy of other backup tasks without any problems.

I've included a screen shot of the tasks details as attachment.

Any suggestions?

Detailed message:

Task 'Backup of ESXi 'vmware01.drh.local' configuration Dual Destination' failed: 'Failed to replicate backups.
Additional info:
Error code: 11
Module: 435
LineInfo: 555b5abba0950441
Fields: $module : C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\vmProtect\Windows Agent\vmms.exe
Message: Failed to replicate backups.
Error code: 115
Module: 161
LineInfo: ebe260f08eb372aa
Message: Failed to replicate backups.
Error code: 2
Module: 218
LineInfo: cd07f9d978d3a2a3
Message: Error occurred while running the backup and recovery engine.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Theo,

I was able to reproduce the issue you've run into - it has to deal with the GFS clean up scheme which is applied to 2nd location. The task in my tests would run once successfully and fail exactly as you describe on all subsequent runs which appears to be a bug in the product. If the retention rules settings for 2nd location are changed to simple retention scheme then there is no such problem (at the same time the 1st backup location may be still using GFS scheme). To workaround the problem you can edit the backup task and set up simple retention scheme for 2nd location.

P.S. I've reported this issue to our QA and development teams to fix it in future updates.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Acronis Virtualization Program Manager

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Vasily, thanks a lot! I will implement the workaround.

Best regards, Theo