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The group descriptor is corrupted.

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Looking for some help,


While trying to run a VM from a backup I get the following message.

Has not been an issue in the past and nothing has changed on the host.

Failed to publish virtual machine.
Additional info:
Error code: 9
Module: 405
LineInfo: 476adbf26d208b4b
Message: Failed to publish virtual machine.
Error code: 6
Module: 405
LineInfo: 476adbf26d208901
Message: Failed to fix filesystem on virtual machine's disks.
Error code: 17
Module: 7
LineInfo: 48c1b12484b011f8
Message: The group descriptor is corrupted.

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Hello David,

welcome to Acronis forum! As I understand, an attempt to run a VM from the backup fails with an error.

First of all, let me know the ESXi version you have. If this is 6.0, then please check solution from the following KB article

Secondly, we need to make sure that the File System inside this VM is not corrupted. Please do a file system check and checkdisk, backup the VM anew and try running the VM from the new backup.

Also, please check if you can restore the backup. Is restore is sucessfull, please run sfc\scannow and checkdisk and back it up again. 

After all, validate the backup itself, to make sure it is consistent

Please let me know the results. If the “Run VM from backup” still fails, we will need more information for further analysis:

  1. Which version of ESXi are you using?
  2. What is the OS-version of the backed up VM? If it is Linux, does it have LVM disks?
  3. Where is backup located?
  4. Please save logs of the operation to the file

Check the size of the resulting log file. If it is not bigger than 2 MB, you can attach it to this thread. You can also use the FTP-link I have sent to your private messages. To check your private messages, on the top of a page click on My Account, then go to Dialogs in the right pane. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Wishing you all the best