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Transfer\Move Cloud Backup licence To Other host

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Hello i am trying to find related info on licenses of backup to cloud

i wold like to know if i will be able to upgrade my host with a different hardware in a middle of activated licence of backup to cloud.


links with more detailed info wold be great 




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Acronis Program Manager
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The Backup to Cloud subscriptions are transportable, which means that you can upgrade hardware on your existing ESXi host, then deploy a new Acronis Backup for VMware virtual appliance (or Windows Agent) and from Configure->Licenses->Acronis Cloud Backup Subscription you can re-assign your existing subscription to this new instance of virtual appliance (or Windows Agent) via selecting a subscription and clicking on Activate button. The previously created backups will be preserved and available for recovery. Note that the subscription will become unbind from the old virtual appliance (means you can't continue backing up using that old appliance).

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