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Cpanel Plugin does not delete the download file

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We are using the acronis cpanel plugin to offer restores to our hosting customers. We just found out, when a customer does not restore a backup but use the download feature. A zip file with some numbers is created in the root directory of the user account. Unfortunantely this file get not deleted after some time. 

In my case, the customer downloaded his complete account and created a zip file with the size of 21G. Afterwards his account was full and he could not receive mails anymore.

Is it possible to automatically delete this files after the download? Or flag them with, so we can delete them by cronjob? Or even better store them not inside the home directory?



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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your question!

These files are not being deleted automatically. Your concern is valid and we will consider either cleaning these files automatically, or adding a mask, as you suggested, so you can clean them with a cronjob.


Best regards,