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2 issues with acrocmd (Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 Build: 16327)

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Hello all,

I have two issues I need some help with.

1. We use a Script that has to be started manualy to backup two machines which can´t be done with the normal backup plans/scheduling as we can only backup them when we get a maintenance window from our production.
The Script mounts a networkshare and creates a backup there with that command: "acrocmd.exe backup disk --loc=\\networkstorage\backupshare --credentials=domain\username,password --arc=%Computername%A
--password --backuptype=full --archive_format=11 --encryption=none --progress" and after that disconnects the share again.

So far so good, but both machines are listed as not protected on the Acronis Management Server because no backup plan has been created, which can´t be done as mentioned before and no scheduled backup has been created.
Is it possible to create the backup with acrocmd and register it on the server, so he shows the machines as protected?

2. It is not possible to create a backup with acrocmd without specifying the --password parameter as it returns an error otherwise.
However no password has to be added after the parameter but the backup shows up with a lock symbol in the backup list under the storage location on the server.
According to your documentation the password parameter shoudn´t be mandatory. Perhaps a bug in the latest version?

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Hello Lo-ITM!

1) From this I understand that you have an agent installed, just that you can't run a backup until you recieve this window? Am I right to assume the performance window setting of the backup plan isn't suitable because you can't schedule it as the window can be arbitrarily given?

If this is the case, why not configure a backup plan that has no schedule (with possibly a script to attach/detach)? Assign it to the relevant machine, then execute manually within the maintenance window.

If this is not feasible because of scaling, and why you opted for a scripted solution to begin with, you could still assign the plan, but instead of executing the backup with command line parameters execute the applied plan directly.

2) You don't need the password parameter if you don't supply encryption either. You don't need to anyway since no encryption is the default. See this part of the commandline reference: encryption --encryption={none|aes128|aes192|aes256}
The algorithm to encrypt the archive. If not specified, the value is none.
This parameter cannot be used without the --password (p. 114) parameter.

-- Peter 

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Hello Peter,

1) I will try creating a plan without schedule and start that plan via script. We need the script solution because people without access to the server should be able to start the backup. The script itself will be compiled as an Executable, so nobody can read user and password. We can´t use a schedule because the 2 machines are very sensitive.

2) Then it was because of the --encryption=none parameter.

Thanks for your help.