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integrate another machine, to make a backup plan

Thread needs solution
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Hello Comunity of Acronis,

I have installed Acornis backup 12.5 in server1, in same server I have a VM with Hyper -v.

Am not sure how is the best way to safe my information of my VM in my Acronis backup.

I have two options,

Plans >


          VM replication

If I select Backup > Create PLan>Devices>Add

Here I don't find my VM or device

Can help me please?





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Hello Saul Santiago,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 provides two types of VMs backup: agentless and agent-based.

If you do not have a license for Acronis Cyber Backup (Advanced) for Virtual Host which allows you to back up an entire Hyper-V host, then you should use an agent-based method. You should install a respective Agent for Windows/Linux inside a VM to back it up.

Virtual machines with Acronis Cyber Backup Agent for Windows/Linux installed inside will be shown in Physical Machines list in Acronis Management Server. Virtual machines backed up by Acronis Cyber Backup Agent for Hyper-V (which requires a license for Acronis Cyber Backup (Advanced) for Virtual Hos) will be shown in Virtual Machines list.

I recommend that you contact your Sales manager and request to update your Server license to Virtual Host in order to separately back up your Hyper-V VM.