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Problem during creation of a Boot Media WinPE 64 on HPE Proliant DL380Gen10 Server...

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I am trying to make a backup of a "HPE ProLiant DL380 GEN 10". But the normal Boot Stick does not start on
this server. Also the creation of  Boot Stick Win PE64 does not work.
The system does also not start with this type of media. 
I also add driver from the
server, but it still does not work.
I even did not get any feedback on the screen.
Do to the fact, that the server does not have any CDROM/DVD drive, I have to burn the created image
file on a USB stick.

I have a Windows 10 virtual machine, where I can create the boot machine.

Where is my problem ?

What type of driver do i need to install on the WinPE Media ? (Disc/video/....)

Does somebody get the winpe64 Boot stick running on a server system ?

Best regards


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Hello Richard,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

What happens when you try booting your server with a bootable media stick? Do you see any error messages?

I also recommend that you follow instructions from these KB articles when creating Acronis bootable media and backing up with it: How to back up with Acronis Bootable Media & How to create Acronis Bootable Media

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Hello Richard!

  • Does the bios recognize the USB stick?
  • Can you boot from the created bootable USB on another computer?
  • What program do you use to burn the iso on the USB stick?

-- Peter