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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.0 Release!

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Dear Acronis Community,

This is to inform you about Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.0 release:

Build:  4.0.0-734

In this release, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure provides a wide range of new features that enhance the end-user experience and service providers’ interoperability. The improvements cover networking, storage core, appliance, object storage, monitoring, performance charts and localization. Additionally, this release delivers stability improvements and addresses the issues found in previous releases.

·         Release notes with new features, fixed issues and known problems available here:

·         Updated documentation page:

·         Downloads page:  

·         Updated Support Lifecycle policy: 

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Hello Everyone,

a new build for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.0 was released yesterday.

Build number: 4.0.0-737

Fixed issues:

·         [VSTOR-37755, VSTOR-37723] Stability improvements for Backup Gateway with enabled geo-replication.

Updated release notes: