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Assigning a location to a tenant via API

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So I have a tenant (Company XYZ) which has a location inherited. I am creating sub tenants under this tenant via the API v2. This is designed so that Company XYZ can sell backup solutions to users.

Everything is working well except for the fact that after I create the sub tenant there are no locations listed against it. If I manually create a tenant via the web interface I get the option to assign the location however I cant figure out how this is done via the API.

We have our own Acronis cluster at our datacenter that I want to allocate in as a location for storage.

I can see that you can create locations and list locations against a tenant but there is nothing talking about how to assign a location to a sub tenant via API. Obviously I get permission denied if I attempt to create a location as the sub tenant. Though I don't see how creating a location would fix this when the location I need already exists and can be assigned via the web interface.

This happens when the tenant is in trial mode and even after its activated into full production mode. Anything I might be missing here? Ive spent hours scouring over… to no avail.

I checked out some of the sample code but that was not overly helpful. I thought the previous API guide or possibly v1 might help but all of the RAML links now seem to load white pages. Admittedly the older documentation was very lacking on details so it probably wouldn't help me.

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Hi, Neil,

Could you please describe step-by-step your API calls flow?

When you creating a partner or a customer tenant in the Management Portal, there are set of calls of APIs, not only creation of a tenant, at least these 2 steps:

1. Create a tenant
2. Check and assign offering_items

If you did not follow these steps you may not have the local storage offering item available and can't see it in locations.

I've developed example of PowerShell script to create partner/customer/user and enable all applications and all offering items (for demo purposes) for a tenant (partner and customer kinds). I believe it can give you an idea how to perform your task of a tenant creation as on the portal.

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Please see our full functional Python, PHP and PowerShell examples on GitHub