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Get tenant by Custom ID via API

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I need to get tenant info by Custom ID or .

I used ( GET {base_url}/api/2/tenants/{customer_id} ) but not working.

Is there any way to get tenant info by "customer_id" without need to request by the "tenant_id" or "parent_id".

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Yes, using search endpoint, but you must specify a tenant_id from which hierarchy you want to search. It might be a tenant for which your API client was issued.

The following property values are checked in tenants:

  • Tenant name – name

  • Customer ID – customer_id

  • First name – firstname in the contact object

  • Last name – lastname in the contact object

  • Email address (not displayed in search results) – email in the contact object

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@Stanislav Pavlov Thank you, That’s What I’m Looking For