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Cyber Protect Causes Heavy Hit On Lightroom Performance

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Lenovo  i7-8700 Processor

32 Gig Ram

16 Gig Intel Optane Memory

1 TB Samsung SSD

If I restart my computer and open Lightroom, it works fine.  Opens quickly and I can move from photo to photo with not delay.  If I close Lightroom and do some internet browsing or work in another program and come back to Lightroom it takes forever to open and once it is open it takes several seconds to go from photo to photo.

I have turned off the Acronis protection mode but it had not affect, and I noticed from the Windows resource monitor that even though the protection mode is turned off, Acronis is still sending/receiving 40000+ B/sec on the network, including Cyber Protect.

So I turned off all Acronis services, and disabled Cyber Protect from starting in the startup and everything work perfect.  I did not have this problem with my previous Anti Virus program.

Is there any way to actually disable the Cyber Protect, since turning it off in the program does not really work without disabling my backup?



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