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Help with new Server 2019 install, setup for agents

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So I am new to our Co and new to Acronis, doing my Tech Training now


So I have a Physical Host running MS Svr 2019

Running on it is Hyper-V Role only


Everything I want to Protect is on the VM Server

The VM Server is running MS Server 2019

Its Roles are AD, Exchange


What agents do I need to download and in stall on the VM server to protect it and do backups?

Do I install only Server 2019 agent?

Do I have to install the AD app agent as well?

Do I have to install the Exchange app agent as well?


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Hello Bill,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

It depends on the type of the license that you own.

If you have Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Virtual Host, then you should install Agent for Hyper-V on a Hyper-V host. It will allow to back up all VM on that host including your MS Svr 2019 with Application-aware backup option enabled for Exchange backup.

If you own Acronis Cyber Protect 15 Server license, you can install Agent for Windows inside your guest MS Svr 2019 on a Hyper-V. It will back up only this guest OS and also run its backup with the Application-aware backup option enabled for Exchange backup.

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Hello Bill!

Along with the User Guide there's also a Best Practices Guide you may want to get familiar with. Looking at the frustration of others when changing their Acronis infrastructure after using it for some time, it's probably best to design it for your future needs upfront.

-- Peter