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How to unhook Acronis license from Windows user and test computer so it can be installed/licensed on production box?

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I installed Acronis Cyber Protect 15 - Standard on a test server, and licensed it using my Windows login and our Acronis username and password. We plan to uninstall and install on our production server soon, but how will I "unhook" the license from this test server and my Windows login so it can be licensed on the production server? The production server has a different computer name and will be using a different Windows login to manage it. I'm aware that the Standard edition does not allow multiple Windows logins - there is no option to add additional admin users on the Standard version.

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Hello David,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

In order to remove a license from a test server, please open Management Console and navigate to Settings -> License Usage. You will be able to select a license there and open a list of Agents where it is applied, then select your test server and Revoke a license from there.