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Acronis Cyber Cloud - UI delays when switching between clients

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I have logged a ticket for this issue, however I'm curious to know whether anyone else in the community is having the same issue.

Essentially, sometimes when we've been working on a customer management page, and need to go and select a different customer, the web UI hangs and displays a spinning white circle.

The only way to clear the circle is to refresh the web browser, which then throws us back to the customer selection area.

Then, we repeat the process, and about 1 in 5 attempts to connect to the customer's management page is successful.

I have reproduced this issue on multiple sites, on multiple workstations, across multiple web browsers (in both normal and private/incognito mode) and using multiple internet connections (some without firewalls).

We are at a loss as to why this is occurring, but it is now causing us significant delays in managing our customer backups.

We use the server (not sure if that's significant).


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Yeah same here, we've been experiencing this as well for the past couple of months in eu1/eu3.

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Hello Everyone,

as per the records in our internal system, the issue should have been fixed. Please check and if the issue still reproduces, we'd strongly recommend contacting Acronis support team.

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