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How to Deploy Cyber Protection Agent

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Forgive my ignorance; I've not used anything from Acronis for about 10 years and I've just recently been assigned this task.

I'm new to a company who has just started using this product.  I've been tasked with deploying this to a bunch of users.  Historically, they've always sent out the registration emails to the individual users.  I'm told this was to make it easier to find and recover data if/when the time came because it was under the individual user.  My problem is that, in my mind, this doesn't scale well.  While I've found the offline installer and know how I can create and MSI and an MST, It seems very tedious to generate/deploy an MST for every user in the org.  Are we doing it wrong?  What's the recommended way of deploying this software to groups of users while still keeping things clean when it comes time to recover data from the cloud?

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Good day,

So methods that I have personally used for mass deployment are as follows:

1. Deployed the software using the customers own software deployment solution (I have used GFI, Panda etc) and then registering via tokens. This did have some headaches in the beginning but was quick to sort out.

2. The MSI method also worked well with pre-registering the agent before hand during the setup of the agent, this is in my opinion the best way of mass deploying as it can also be pushed out via GPO or a software deployment solution

3. One of the newer ways of deploying (But only works on Windows) is to use the "Multiple Devices" deployment within the console. This will allow you to search AD, scan the local network or specify manually or import from a file. I have not used this method a lot but the times I have used it it also works very well.

It becomes more complex if you want each user to have their own tenant/folder but the way I deploy is I have a admin account for the customer which gets assigned to the technical lead (generally the technical manager) and then sub admin accounts for the technical staff which they can login and manage the backups.

I hope this helps you a little bit,



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So, with #3, we are indeed working with Windows.  Problem is, we don't have a central server at each of our customers' sites.  At best, they all have AzureAD-joined Win10 machines so, there's no PCD on-site.  Because of this, we use the Acronis Cyber Cloud portal.  So, I don't think that we can use this new method anyway.

#2 looks like our best option.  It's what I was looking at anyway.  I can deploy it, with a vanilla MST that is set up without any user info, and during our typical setup, we can have the user open the agent and register the machine under their account.