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How to make room in ASZ (Acronis Secure Zone)?

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Currently I've got "When not enough space in ASZ, delete the oldest backup" enabled, so I've already done that step.  


I also went through and adjusted my backup settings to only retain seven days worth of backups, this should have cleared as much as 70% of the used space in ASZ by deleting old, unnecessary backups.  


So I've followed the top two pieces of advice I can find and neither of them has created any more space, Acronis seems unwilling or unable to delete the old backups in ASZ, and the only way I can find to manually delete the old backups is to delete the whole thing and start from scratch, which I'd rather not do.  


Is there a "Clean up versions..." option for ASZ the way there is for normal hard drive based backups?  If so, how do I access it?  


As I said, I'd rather not nuke the whole backup scheme and start from scratch, if I can avoid it.  I'm sure Acronis wouldn't have created ASZ without a way to clean up files once the drive gets full, that would be an absurdly simplistic oversight on their part.  Anyway, what should I do here?  

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Kent, ASZ is intended to be self-managing as far as I remember.  I have to say that I gave up using the ASZ a very long time ago as I do not believe it to be particularly secure and it is limited to maximum file sizes of 4GB.  It is essentially a slightly modified FAT32 partition with all the limitations of that file system.

I would recommend creating a NTFS partition of the same or greater size and using that as a dedicated storage destination for backups.  Such a partition could be encrypted with BitLocker if you have Windows 10 Pro, otherwise there are other methods of encrypting the data while still allowing use of the Clean up versions tool.

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I concur with Steve's advice. I too gave up on secure zone a long time ago. It was definitely before ATI 2013.