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Acronis DiskDirector 12 WinPE Bootable Media

Thread needs solution
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i have some trouble with Intel and AMD Raid Systems which forced me to create WinPE Boot Media (especially for True Image 2019) to have driver support for this systems.

Thats the reasen why i wanted to create all my Acronis Rescue / Bootable Media devices (True Image 2019 and Disk Director 12 which i both just bought for this Raid Systems) as WinPE Bootable Media. With True Image 2019 i was able to create a Boot CD as well as a Boot USB-Stick. But Disk Director doesn't offer me a USB Media to create a Bootable Media:

Why is there no USB? How can I create a Windows PE based USB-Stick with Disk Director 12? I use the newest version and a Boot Stick is no new thing... With True Image 2019 it works fine!

I'm really looking forward to read about a solution for my issue.

Best regards


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You can place a WinPE Bootable Media to an USB drive as follows

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Ekaterina Surkova wrote:


You can place a WinPE Bootable Media to an USB drive as follows

Thank you. Is the "known issue (ticket ADD-2863)" fixed in 12.0.96 ?

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Hello LoboNr1,

I can confirm that the issue remains unresolved in the latest build 12.0.96.

Thank you

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I ran a test with build 12.0.96. I found the error in the WinPE registry is still present. However, the Recovery Expert wizard does run correctly despite the registry error.