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Cannot load from the CD

Thread needs solution
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i have a new Samsung 960 Pro nvme 1TB in my PC.

If i install the Acronis Disk Director V 3297 with the setup on my SSD from Samsung, it works korrekt.


BUT ....

if i start Acronis Disk Director V 3297 from the CD, which i have it from ISO createt, after i have select the 32 or 64 Bit-Selection the Program run ... and after he say "Load ... please wait" the Monitor goes dark ... and then is silence ... nothing more ... the Program stop or stay.

What can i do ? What's wrong ? Is Nvme that Problem ?

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Hello Guenter,

You might need to create a WinPE-based bootable media, as the support for hardware in a Linux-based one is limited. 

See 47031: Acronis Disk Director 12: Creating WinPE-Based Acronis Bootable Media on how to create a WinPE-based media and add additional drivers to it.


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Could be your drive having issue perusing the media on how it was signed by Microsoft.I would utilize a USB stick and the Microsoft usb instrument and put the windows iso picture onto a usb stick.