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External Harddisk LaCie 2big Quadra USB 3.0 is blocked by Acronis Drive Monitor

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Since I use Acronis Drive Monitor I can't reach any more my external Harddisk LaCie 2big Quadra. Sometimes I can see the top folders but not their content.  When I uninstall this Acronis software there is no problem anymore.

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Team-Support-Forum  please look at the topic

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Commenti: 1 regularly did you experiance a HDD disappointment? I've had two dead drives out of multiple dozen HDD's up till now in 10 years (in addition to one dead SSD). That is the thing that RAID1, RAID5 and so forth are shielding you from in a mission and time basic SERVER climate. You have absolutly no security against the most well-known risc's intended for your information: User mistake - erasing some unacceptable document unintentionally. I say it once more: RAID is no reinforcement! Never was, never will. 

Assuming you need to go with a G-Drive as your base outside information surce stopped to your MBP, fine. In any case, have two reinforcement drives also assuming you need to keep your photographs.