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How to Disable Drive Monitor

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Windows XP SP3, Acronis TI Home 2010

Since I have downloaded and installed Acronis Drive Monitor I notice that every 60 seconds the cursor turns into a timer for few seconds, interrupting me working. If this is caused by Drive Monitor software please advise me how I can disable it.

In Drive monitor Options I have unticked the monitoring of all the disks but same thing keeps happening. I do not want to uninstall it as I would like to use it manually once a day or week.

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I haven't had that problem in a virtual XP, how much RAM does your system have and do you have many other programs working in the background?

If you open up Windows Task Manager, does the egg timer coincide with ADM using CPU time?

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I have 2 GB of memory. Yes adm.exe appears in Task Manager at the time I get the egg timer.