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SBS 2003 high Processor usage

Thread needs solution
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auf 3 PC's läuft ADM gut (XP Pro).

Nach Installation auf SBS 2003 fährt der Processor an seine Grenzen.
schedul2.exe benötigt mindestens 50% der Prozessor Zeit.

Deinstallation von ADM hat auch nicht geholfen.

Installiert ist True Image Server 9.1 Build 3.920 von 2007.
Ein neueres Update gibt es nicht.


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In the meantime I installed True Image Server new.

There is no change. schedule2.exe is still needing a lot of processor time.

If I cancel the Process the cpu-time goes back to normal rates.

I am somehow irritated.

The failure doesn't show anymore.

Does anybody else have Problems with ADM on a Server?


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I can confirm this on Windows 7 Home Pro station. Periodic check of ADM is causing so high cpu usage, that media player stops playing for a second.

I also found, that only by disabling Acronis Scheduler service, this is prevented. However, Acronis then refuses to work, no matter is feature with scheduling is required by user or not.