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Uninstaller malfunction

Thread needs solution
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hi Acronis,

i tried to uninstall ADM because I had seen BSOD.
(perhaps the cause is SiI4726 RAID Drive so "config disk scsi disk device" aka "SteelVine Disk")
however, only the uninstaller disappears, ADM keeps working after rebooting.
please fix the uninstaller.

ADM 1.0 build 507 / WinXP Pro SP3


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When you say ADM keeps working after uninstalling, are you looking at the tray monitor or the actual program GUI?

If the GUI is still working, what happens if you disable drive checking from within ADM?

The tray monitor is an entry in MSConfig.

Do you have any other Acronis products installed?

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hi Colin B,

both tray and GUI are still working.

when booting Windows, i see tray icon a few seconds, and BSOD.
can't disable drive checking for the drive alone.

i detached the drive (fortunately the drive is not system drive),
and i turned off "enable monitoring in background" checkbox.
the BSOD problem was solved.

however, ADM and the drive can't be used at the same time.
the drive is always used, ADM is never used.
i'm waiting for either of compatibility issue or the uninstaller issue to be fixed.

i have
Acronis True Image 2010 + PowerPack
Acronis Disk Director 10
there is no problem in the above.


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I'm wondering if the problem is something to do with ADM being able to 'attach' itself to the later builds of TI 2010, somehow this has intefered with the uninstall process.

To disable ADM tracking the drive it'll have to be attached so that ADM can find it to remove it from it's database.

I'll put my thinking cap on.