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Acronis Active Protection has been taking over my computer

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I have been struggling with an issue with my computer for the past couple weeks. The issue is that suddenly without warning, 95% of available memory will be used consistently and the computer will be unusable because of that. I have just discovered the root cause of this issue was having Acronis Active Protection enabled. During one of these moments where memory usage was very high, upon disabling Acronis Active Protection, the memory usage went back down to 39%. I was surprised that Acronis was the cause of this issue since I am putting my trust in this software to save my computer from possible ransomware and instead it is causing an issue and making me think I have ransomware. We use Acronis at work and I'm going to tell them we need to switch to a more reliable software.

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Agreed... It cost me a corrupted hard drive and a 2-hour restore from a full Acronis backup. It took me some time to figure out that it was Acronis Active Protection that caused the problem as it happened again on the first re-boot. I used the Task Mgr to diagnose the problem.

Acronis needs to turn  Acronis Active Protection OFF by default and notify the user about its use.

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suddenly without warning, 95% of available memory will be used

We've seen reports for high CPU usage when the suspicious processes were actively accessing the data and the Acronis Active Protection module was scanning the active processes to determine if any were known as malware / ransomware type actors. I recommend contacting Acronis support team, so that our engineers can help to determine the root cause in your particular case and suggest the proper solution.