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Acronis Ransomware Protection Offline Use and Update

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Hello everyone.


I've just recently heard of Acronis Ransomware Protection. After checking its features, I decided to add it to our computer's security setup for added protection. However, I have some questions:

1. Does Acronis Active Protection remain working, even when my PC's offline?

2. Say a program update for Acronis Ransomware Protection is released. How will I update my installed program? Will Acronis Ransomware Protection notify me? Will it download and update automatically? Do I have to manually download it? If so, should I uninstall the older version? Or is it possible to install over the older version without uninstalling?


I guess I asked a bit too many questions. Thanks for your time reading. I hope I can get a clear answer.


Have a good day!

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Hello Bert Rand,

Thank you for the interest in Acronis Ransomware Protection!

Let me answer the questions one by one:

1. Yes, the Active Protection feature will still work if your PC does not have Internet connection.

2. When we have a new update, you will get a tray notification proposing you to update the program. After you click on "Update", the update will be downloaded and you will need to launch it manually (just click on Update button). You do not need to uninstall the old version, it will be updated to the new one.