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Unable to create image on new HP ProDesk 600 G4 Servers with Snap Deploye 4.540 version

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I am hoping there is a newer version out there.  Some have told me there is a 580 version but you need to contact support.  Is there any way I can get this newer version?  As of right now we have 100 new desktops that we cannot create images of because Acronis cannot detect the SSD hard drive inside.


Any help would be appreciate.  Thanks!

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Hello Gary,

welcome to Acronis forums! I've discussed the topic with the RnD, unfortunately the custom builds for Acronis Snap Deploy 4 are not maintained anymore, as the product is really old and the extended support for it ended in 2016..You may want trying to inject the necessary drivers into the WinPE-based bootable media or consider upgrading to Acronis Snap Deploy 5.