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Backup exclude pattern for folders?

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Hi, I have a parent folder "D:\Projects" that contains multiple subfolders at various levels named 'bin'. So:





I want to exclude all content inside the 'bin' folders from the backup. I've tried multiple patterns in the Exclusions tab for the backup, but none work. What is the pattern to use to exclude all content inside a named folder from the backup?

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+1, same here (Acronis TI2021).

For the System drive ATI added some Windows paths itself, I can add more paths.
For the D-Drive (backup "Files and folders") I cannot exclude paths: When pressing enter the entered string juat vanishes.


@Ted: Possible workaround for now: In case you can rename D:\Projects to sth unique (e.g. D:\Projects_DoNotBackup) you can exclude "*Projects_DoNotBackup*" or "*_DoNotBackup*".

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Hello Everyone,

here another workaround shared by one of the posters

Jörg, added your comment as a vote for the existing feature request TI-160100 Support wildcards for folder type exclusions when making a Files & Folders backup, thank you!

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Commenti: 28's not "wildcards" but any path.

No matter if "D:\Temp" or "D:\Temp*\ or "D:\Temp\*" - they all vanish.

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...interesting as well:

Even though I deleted all C:\... entries in exclusion list they're still in the exported config:


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