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Creating Image and Saving to a Network Share

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Hey Everyone, 

My Company bought Snap Deploy 5 a couple years ago and I was tasked with learning it and getting it put into use. Well, with Covid, WFH, and other projects taking priority, I never got around to it. 

So, I'm finally starting to work on this application. I have the Management Console installed on my PC and for testing, I installed the Management Agent on another PC. 

The issue I'm experiencing is that when I connect to the "agent" PC, I select what parts of the HDD to include in the image, any everything looks fine. However, it wants me to save the image to the local C: of the "agent" PC. Ultimately, I'd like to save the image on a network share that I have setup just for this purpose. But, it's life the software doesn't see any network shares either on my "management" PC or the "agent" PC. 

Any ideas as to how I can save these images to either my "management" PC or on a network share?

The idea is to be able to take an image of a PC without involving the user in anyway. Just in case we have someone abruptly leave the company and we want to make sure they don't purge anything. 

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Hello Ricky ,

thank you for your posting! If you want to save the image on network share and the location does not appear in the device tree, specify the location by IP address. Please let me know if that works.